Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 3 - Disney World

Wasn't wearing the Fitbit at the water park, but after I put it on that afternoon: 5,682 steps/2.35 miles. There were a lot of stairs at the water park. I don't think I was slacking...

Today was our "non-park" day. We started off at Typhoon Lagoon (later than I would have preferred but it really wasn't all that crowded). I'd sprung for the $50 reserved umbrella spot and although we didn't do everything, we were all terribly impressed with the water park. So far and above anything else we've seen before.

And the trip I took in an inner tube around the lazy river was about 158% better than muscle relaxers. Seriously.

After Typhoon Lagoon, the members of my family who don't have the name Jennifer took a nap while I did laundry. At the appropriate time, I woke them up for the trip out to Fort Wilderness for the Hoop de Doo Review and there was much bellyaching until we got out there. Dennis was able to play in the arcade, Kathryn sat at Davy Crockett's bar with me and David until she joined her brother, and we all thought the show was UN.BE.LIEV.ABLE..... Stunning. Truly - hilarious, fun, wild. Just a great time.

I'm now being a dictator and am about to make the kids close their eyes because tomorrow is a big day - a long day at Hollywood Studios but it will TOTALLY be worth it because we will be meeting Jedi Mickey Mouse and Minnie Princess Leia.

Enough said.

There aren't too many pictures on today's YouTube video because David is in bed and our Typhoon Lagoon pictures that we took are on a waterproof camera. You know - with FILM. Weird.

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