Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 2 - Disney World

Fitbit report: 19,548 steps/8.11 miles

Here's the video from Day 2 of our vacation, which was really our first full day. Thank goodness we left Animal Kingdom early yesterday so we could get plenty of sleep because we were freaking TROOPERS at Epcot today. We didn't get to do much in the countries but we'll be back on Thursday.

- Dennis LOVED Test Track. (You'll see the picture from our first ride in the video) We rode it two more times single rider.
- 3 out of the 4 of us did Sum of All Thrills, where you get to design your own roller coaster, then ride it in this funky robotic arm thing that swings you around virtually. Which kid didn't go through with it? That would be David. As soon as the lid came down he told them he wanted to get out so Kathryn rode her creation by herself. She had 4 loops in hers and she said it made her a bit queasy so David probably made a good call with that one! As we were walking away, Dennis said he was no longer worried about any roller coaster. Cool! (I enjoyed his creation on Sum of All Thrills for sure.)
- We all loved Mission Space (Orange this time...not green!) but I felt drunk afterwards.
- I was so happy to have dinner with the princesses in Norway and we landed a perfect 5:05 ADR so there was no wait at all. The food was quite good!
- Kathryn took an incredible picture of Spaceship Earth as we were leaving at twilight. I'll put that into our final video, I'm sure.

Off to bed for me's water park day tomorrow then dinner at Hoop De Doo Review!

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