Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mini-update about Mousekeeping, Towel Decorations, and Room Decoration

You didn’t expect my trip report to go in chronological order, did you?

Silly readers!

Instead of talking about room decorations and such in the order in which they occurred, I’m lumping all of them into this post. Why am I doing that, you might ask? Um. I saw a towel decoration picture and it reminded me I hadn’t mentioned it earlier.

But... now I’ve convinced myself that it was an intentional artistic decision on my part to post all towel and window decorations in one post. <*POOF! Memory that puts me in a better light inserted here…*> 

Moving on with this decorative post….

On Monday (our water park/HDDR day), we were in our room for quite a few hours at the time when Mousekeeping was on our hallway. (Actually my family was in the room and I was doing laundry...minor detail.) So our “do not disturb” sign was up for a while...but we made sure to take the sign down when we left. Unfortunately, when we got back late that night, the room wasn’t cleaned. So...I needed to call for towels and such. The nice lady on the phone was very apologetic and told me to be sure and call her tomorrow so it wouldn’t happen again. It wasn’t a huge deal - I got my lovely H2O shampoo and a clean towel - I’d be fine.

It seemed odd she wanted me to call the next day but I was tired and said “ok.” I’m nothing if not obedient. When I  called the next morning before we left for DHS, I assured them we planned to be gone all day. When we got back to our room that night, we found these lovely towel flowers.

Oh, happy day! (Or, technically, happy evening…)

Speaking of decorating the room and doing fun little extra things for your family...I’d brought some window decorations with me. I didn’t see any others up at Coronado Springs but I didn’t let that stop me. I had our window decorated before we went to Animal Kingdom on arrival day! Here I am with my teddy bear (he’s been with me since my freshman year of college, longer than my husband!) as he and I peek out of our decorated window.

You’re about to read about our Magic Kingdom morning, which (spoiler alert!) was particularly rough for my daughter. After an exhausting morning, we came back to our room and I wasn’t expecting it to be cleaned yet - but it was. Not only was the room clean, but Mousekeeping set this on the edge of our bed.

The Ariel doll was my daughter’s Tinkerbell present that morning (yes, I had Tink gifts for my 15 and 11 year old every morning). After a rough morning (that turned into a wonderful afternoon and evening), it was a beautiful thing to find on the bed!

Needless to say, I made a point of going down to the concierge and leaving a compliment card for our great Mousekeeper and telling them how much we appreciated her! (We didn’t get any towel animals during our last trip and I was always sort of bummed about that. If these towel animals showed up out of guilt because Mousekeeping missed one day of cleaning, then I am totally fine with missing a day of cleaning!)

(Yes, we tip Mousekeeping in case you’re curious - but we tipped last visit also. They deserve tips no matter whether or not you get towel animals!)

For those of you planning a trip to the World, may you be the happy recipients of towel decorations! <*pixie dust sprinkled in your general direction*> Of course, if they don’t head your way - I promise that there will be plenty of other pixie dust out there for you!

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