Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 4 - Disney

Fitbit update: 17,032 steps/7 miles (not counting the 1/2 mile David and I walked to get a margarita after the kids were in bed).

Today was AMAZING. There are two things we couldn't do - and that's sort of a bummer - but it was still truly incredible.

Originally, my son had no interest whatsoever in Rock n' Roller Coaster but, as you might remember from Day 1, he'd surprised us by doing Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. We left today totally up to him but he decided to do it - although he certainly preferred to sit with his big sister again. <3

He LOVED that ride. As we all did. So exhilarating to hear Aerosmith blasted in your ears ("you look like a laaaady!") as you are doing loops and corkscrews. Great way to start the day. He wasn't as sure about Tower of Terror and went through the line with us but it was just too spooky. Turns out it's less of the actual physical RIDE that's an issue for him - the problem is if it's scary, spooky. Did I mention he's totally my kid? So he and I hung out and waited for Kathryn and David.

After that we did the Animation Class and then met Wreck it Ralph. Because...you know...we are the Reck Family. When Ralph heard that, he had all of us make wrecking motions with our hands.

Then it was on to our Toy Story Midway Mania Fastpass time (fun as always and - as expected - David wiped the floor with all of us with his score). In short, we had a great time. We did Star Tours three times and spent a good amount of time in the gift shop. (Dennis made his own lightsaber.) We also managed one more ride on Rock 'n Roller before getting totally rained out around 8:00 p.m.

The two disappointments were Indiana Jones and Fantasmic. We first tried the 4:00 Indy show and I got picked to be an extra! (By acting like a lunatic jumping up and down, of course.) Sadly, thunderstorms were predicted so they had to cut the show short. But..the casting director said that if I could come back for the 5:15 show (the last one) she'd put me in it. I was concerned about our 5:55 p.m. ADR at Hollywood & Vine but realized we could make it work. So after our last spin on Star Tours, we got to Indy early for good seats and I found the casting director.

It was not to be, my friends. This one got rained out also. The bright side for me was that I still got to do some goofy acting for a few minutes on a stage with hundreds of people watching me. That wasn't much consolation for Dennis - as he was really looking forward to that show. But you know, we gave it our best shot.

In between the two disappointments we had our character dinner at Hollywood and Vine with Jedi Mickey, Princess Leia Minnie (I bounded as Princess Leia in honor of the occasion), Darth Goofy, Stormtrooper Donald, and Ewoks Chip & Dale. Combination of Disney and Star Wars...what's not to love???

Disappointment #2 is primarily my disappointment. I'd really been looking forward to seeing a night show this trip and worked hard to get a meal with Fantasmic passes. When the 9:00 showing was rained out (and everyone was ready to get back to the hotel to dry off) it was somewhat of a bummer. But again - it just was not meant to be this time around and we gave it our best shot.

The pros DEFINITELY outweighed the cons for today. By a LONG shot. My son realized he enjoyed roller coasters, we had hours and hours of Star Wars-related fun, and we all learned how to draw Pluto in the Animation Class. It's pretty tough to pick my favorite pictures for today's video but I hope I picked the best ones to give you a feel of our day.

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