Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love, Jenn, and Repetition

 I'm sitting here at the local coffee shop, waiting for my daughter's choir practice to end, and I realized that I wanted to blog about Valentine's Day and how much I adore this particular pink holiday. I wondered whether I'd ever blogged about it before and figured I should check so that I didn't cause too much deja vu out there in the blog-o-sphere. (Because, Lord knows, I NEVER repeat myself.......)

It turns out that I have blogged about Heart Day and how much I adore it. I suppose that's a risk one runs when one's blog has been going on since October 4, 2008. (According to my "Edit Posts" tab, that's 309 posts, although some of them might not be live for viewing since there have been a few I've never activated. Now you're wondering about those censored ones, aren't you? hee, hee....)

And...although those of you who were around last year already know this, I simply must repeat myself.

I love Valentine's Day. I love Love. I love pink, I love lace, and I love hearts. Roses are absolute heaven for me and, although it almost always gives me a headache, I simply adore champagne.

Having said all of that, when I am honest with myself (and I've made great strides in that direction), I must admit that I see romance very differently as a 38-year-old than I did in my younger years. (You know, like when I was 35 or 36....) I understand now that the evidence of my great romance is tucked into bed every night and shipped off to elementary school every weekday. Although I didn't marry someone who is into hearts or champagne, he is most assuredly into love. Correction....he is into Love. That capital "L" stands for loyalty and laughter and sometimes (because he decided to hook up with me) it stands for ludicrous situations.

Don't get me wrong. I still need to occasionally be swept off my feet. As a matter of fact, just last night I reminded him that my 40th birthday is a mere year and a half away AND I am one of the few individuals who has never been inside a limousine. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise for my 40th birthday, I asked.....?

He agreed that would be a pretty good idea. If I'm still a-bloggin' in my 40's, I suppose we'll see if I blog about a limo ride. Regardless of whether I'm blogging about a limo, motherhood stress, job stress, artistic angst, or all of the above - as long as I'm still blogging about Love, then I know my life will be complete.

I hope all of you enjoy your own loves - as they dance, crawl, jump, whisper, or holler their way into your hearts this weekend.

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