Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Step Back

Today felt like a "one step back" day, in many ways. Well - if I were perfectly honest (and what do I have to hide from the five of you, anyway?) - I would admit that it felt more like two or three steps back. The interesting thing is that nothing really bad happened to me - but I feel like it did.

I began my day with a trip to my orthopedist, who wryly informed me that my leg/ankle still hurt quite a bit because it was STILL BROKEN. [**insert visual of Jenn rolling her eyes**] He also told me that if the pain kept me awake at night, that I should TAKE MY PAIN MEDICINE. When I asked him if I could start swimming, he replied quite swiftly in the negative. He insisted that I must stay in my cast all the time for the next three weeks (except when I'm in bed). So...I wisely refrained from telling him that I've been walking around without it after my shower each night and that I was trying out some yoga poses on it earlier in the week.

I'm being good tonight. I didn't put it back on after my shower, but I got right in bed and started blogging.

I then missed a lunch with three women in a professional group I've joined because I ended up putting the lunch on my calendar for NEXT Thursday instead of today. Not very professional of me, was it?

Finally, I ended the day (this one wasn't my fault) by being griped at by my boss for missing a meeting that was NOT on my calendar. I remember accepting it, but for some reason Lotus Notes ( refused to populate my calendar with the meeting. That was a really fun experience.

So you see - nothing seems all that crummy when you see it in print but I suppose the collection of crumminess just wore me down a bit. During my bubble bath, however, I thought back to the Dalai Lama's book The Art of Happiness and how he recommends that in times of anger or grief, you find a way to be thankful to your enemies for something you've learned.

That by itself woke me up because none of the people mentioned above is my "enemy." (Most notably, not my wonderful doctor.) I mean - the truth is that I've got NO ONE in my life who even comes close to the enemies the Tibetans have. The lesson is still valid however. I could be grateful for the things I've learned from all of today's experiences (don't walk around on a broken leg, pay more attention to calendaring, and don't let someone else's attitude devalue your own sense of who you are) - You know what? I am grateful.

So, see world? I learned a lot today. Can I have a day off tomorrow, though? I'm pretty much maxed out on lessons for the time being.

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