Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rather Disturbing

So, I'm driving home (creeping home) down I-35 this afternoon - and I pass by this Hooters-ish type restaurant called Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill (I'm not linking to their website because I don't feel like supporting them).

I know these boob bars are all over the place and, honestly, I don't really care.

But here's what I found "rather disturbing." The big sign out front said "Welcome Texas High School Coaches." The idea of a bunch of h.s. coaches sitting in a bikini bar just made me shudder.

Granted, that could be because I've heard some stories from my school lawyer friends....but all I could think was ICK.

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Renee said...

I agree!!! I am so not a sensorship supporter but the idea of a teacher or coach frequenting a strip club, Hooters or porn really makes my skin crawl. A guy I used to know very well in high school is now a teacher/coach in the Austin area. He is a TOTAL porn addict. It really disturbs me that he teaches and coaches teenage girls. REALLY disturbs me.