Thursday, July 9, 2009

Going Home

In exactly a week, my family and I will be in Port A. It's just a short little beach vacation, but I'm almost as excited as I was to go to Disney World in March. Part of it is because it's just great to get away with my kids and my husband, part of it is because there is nothing better than being in the surf and allowing the waves to lift your feet off the sand, and part of it is because I'll be going home. I lived in Corpus from 7th grade until I graduated from high school - but my parents are no longer there. So I hardly ever return home. As they always say - you don't appreciate home until you leave it.

There's a really great Facebook page that sums up some of the very "Corpus-y" things that seemed normal growing up but then you head off to college and meet people from other parts of Texas (or even Yankees from the North) and you realize that maybe you really were living in an odd little world. So...needless to say...I'm ready for the tar and seaweed-filled beaches, the ubiquitous Whataburgers, and of course the margaritas - of which I was never able to partake.

Because I was a total square in high school.

But not so much anymore.

So sometimes it's even better when you go home after you're 21.

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