Friday, July 3, 2009


Kids make you feel great but really old. Which is not so great.

Yesterday was a total bummer. As totally sucked. My little boy realized I was sad and insisted on buying me jewelry. (Yeah...he'll be a heartbreaker someday but I'm SO not in the mood to think about that right now.) It really was sweet and I'm wearing my turquoise and silver cross necklace that he picked out for me at "Ross Dress for Less" last night. (Carrie Bradshaw, I'm NOT as much as I like to imagine that I am....)

Still bummed today so when I came across a CNN article entitled "10 Humor Sites to Make You LOL" I decided to give it a whirl. WAS funny until I realized that I'm the mom. Not the cool h.s./college-aged/Gen Y kid. Which made the site suddenly less funny than it originally was, especially when I could TOTALLY imagine some of my status updates being listed on this site. Such as the one I recently posted about the fact that I was about to go mow the lawn but I was a little worried b/c I was really feeling the margarita I'd just downed. Now THAT is a dorky mom comment - angsting about drunk lawn mowing. But that's still better than the mom who changed her status to "single," causing her daughter to say "You and Dad divorced?" to which the mom replied "Yeah, I didn't mention that to you."


So I suppose this means that my kids' generation will totally SKIP Facebook if they're smart.

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