Thursday, August 13, 2009

You know you're almost 40 when....

1. You are facebooking with old high school friends about what time you're hitting the 20th reunion happy hour 10 minutes before you see them at the actual bar.

2. Before the high school reunion, you were doing your strengthening exercises in your hotel room because your doctor told you that you are "skinny fat" (not overweight but not enough muscle compared to your percentage of fat).

3. When you're at the bar, you only let yourself have about 4 nachos (see #2, above) even though you stop counting the calories of the beer after 2 of them have gone down the hatch.

4. Your idea of a good time during a weekend without the kids centers around seeing the latest movie and taking a nap.

5. You are attending your 20th High School Reunion.


Renee said...

time without kid?? what's that???

looooved the one about the nachos and beer! lol

JennInAustin said...

Oh, yes. Eileen always teased me b/c I was strict about sugar when it came to food but not when it came to alcohol.