Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dr. Steve

My husband, goofball that he is, has created this very odd character that the kids love - Dr. Steve. Dr. Steve's voice comes out of his hand and I swear on all that is holy that it is the voice of Triumph the Insult Dog. Luckily, Dr. Steve is very G-rated but I swear it's Triumph's voice.

I told my husband that when our son sees Triumph when he's older he'll say - "Hey, that's Dr. Steve!" Kind of like the way all of us said "Hey, that's Grover!" when we heard Yoda's voice back in the 80's. Except neither Grover nor Yoda was obscene. The same cannot be said about Triumph.

From what I can tell (I'm typically upstairs and listening from afar) - Dr. Steve is a child psychiatrist who is dealing with the emotional issues that arise because my son thinks he's a dog. The two kids are having a blast with this. Of course, I could be missing the primary point here...but as long as they're having fun....

Ok - just now he took on another voice - the pretend voice of Victoria Stillwell. My kids love the show "It's Me Or The Dog." I suppose it shows them that we're not as dysfunctional as some other families! (Although this description of father/children interraction might make one wonder...) Oddly enough, it was my son who knew her name from just watching the show a few times. Apparently she made quite an impression on him.

He's so wacky. Just like my dad was. I tell him to enjoy it while he can because within a few more years, our daughter will be quite mortified by his silliness.

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