Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Austin is Perfect for Me....

Let me count the ways:

1. I'm not the most liberal person in town. Not by a long shot. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Now when I lived in Midland, that was a completely different story.

2. I've managed to avoid taking out any of those crazy bicyclists on 360 with my car.

3. Really, really, really fabulous and eclectic restaurants.

4. On a similar note - many awesome vegetarian choices (I still like veg-head choices even though I'm an omnivore again).

5. Local book and record stores - I watched Sara Bareilles perform at Waterloo Records.

6. Tons of non-profits and plenty of other people who also want to save the world.

7. The option of going to a church full of open-minded people. (I know...bizarre....)

8. So much live music that there's no way on Earth to catch it all - even if you DO have a life (unlike me, who will be spending all my spare evenings running kids to golf lessons and choir practice).

9. The fact that I saw about a million Obama stickers on cars last Fall (and I still do).

10. It's where I learned how to be a mom and be myself.

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