Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Please don't tell me this makes me a Longhorn...

This whole "falling in love with Austin" thing that I have going on has put me in quite a quandary. You see, my parents went to Baylor and my parents DID NOT like UT. My dad disliked A&M a heck of lot more than UT (long story....) but he wasn't fond of UT at all. My mom always referred to them as "tea-sips." There was no question in my mind that was a derogatory term.

A few years back when UT pulled off the national championship, my daughter begged for a UT shirt to wear to school because the whole school was wearing them to celebrate. I couldn't refuse her that (what kind of a mom would refuse that???) but I felt compelled to call my dad and apologize.

So that's the background.....

Now I have something even worse to admit to my dad (thank goodness he doesn't read my blog! I don't think....guess I'll find out!) - I actually bought tickets to a home game. I got an email from the local Girl Scout counsel, saying that as a thank you to Girl Scouts, the athletic department was letting folks buy tickets to the first home game (on Sept. 5th) for $20 each. I have so many fond memories of going to college football games (ironically - not from when I was in college, but from when I lived in Waco as a kid - we were at EVERY Baylor home game) that I couldn't resist getting tickets for such a good deal. I think it will be fun to go to a live game and I'm sure the kids will have a blast.

The only question is - will I really cheer for UT? Probably. I tend to get caught up in the passion of the moment pretty easily.

Just don't tell my dad, ok?

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