Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Videos

Tonight the four of us sat around and watched old family videos. Some from when my eldest was about 18 months - 2 years old and some from when my son was that age. It was wonderful for all four of us.

My kids saw how much we've always adored them and they also oohed and ahhed about how cute their sibling was as a baby.

My husband and I were reminded about what a great family we have and we also had the joy of watching our children's personalities shining through even as a baby. We all talked about how fun it was to see that my dramatic daughter was dramatic and expressive and bubbling over with life even as a little toddler and how my detailed, intelligent son was full of seriousness and concentration even at a young age as he spent hours playing with his train or putting blocks together.

In other words, we all remembered how much we appreciate and love each other. I suppose that's the real beauty of history - appreciating where we come from. Families need history just as much as countries do. Thank goodness for video cameras and our obsessive tendency as parents to record every detail.

Not to mention that these videos will be solid gold when it's time for my kids to start dating. They'd better be nice to me!

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