Sunday, April 4, 2010


Is there a gene for weak ankles? I'm guessing there is. My mom always seemed to have trouble with hers and - although I'm out of my cast, anytime I try to take a walk around the block I end up hurting again.

Plus...also....(as Junie B. Jones might say) - my daughter's been complaining of a sore ankle off and on for a good month now and for the last two days my son has been limping significantly. Of course that's because he and his cousin (BOYS!!!!) decided to jump off the top bunk of the bunk beds at my parents' house. He therefore injured himself. Go figure.

Maybe it's not so much a genetic mutation involving weak ankles but one related to a complete failure to use our feet in a useful and efficient manner. Clearly we won't be performing amazing ice skating jumps as a family any time in the near future. Now, if you'll pardon me, we all need to limp downstairs so we can watch cheesy TV.

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