Saturday, December 6, 2008

My First Moonshine

We went out to Gonzales today to celebrate my sister-in-law's dad's 70th birthday. It was a fun country barbeque and my kid brother had a surprise for me. He came up with this styrofoam cup and said: "Hey, try this." I asked what it was and he wouldn't tell me but it smelled pretty good - like cider - so I gave it a try.

It even tasted like cider!

I asked him what it was and that's when he told me it was moonshine. Then, because he thinks his big sister doesn't know very much about the seedier side of life, he explained that it was 180 proof, illegal liquor. ("I know what moonshine is!!" I crabbed.) I was so surprised that it had a good taste. If I've ever wondered what moonshine tasted like (and I don't think I ever have) I think I would have guessed that it tasted like gasoline. But this honestly tasted like sweet apple cider. Mmmmm... BUT I stopped after just about 4 tiny sips because it was obviously some serious stuff.

And in case you're wondering, NO my brother didn't make it - he got it from someone who got it from some lady in Kentucky. (If I remember the story correctly.)

I tell you what - there's nothing like going out to the country for a barbeque (even if I am a vegetarian and didn't eat any meat) and drinking a few sips of moonshine out of a styrofoam cup. Good times.

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Doctoman said...

I would have thought it would taste like gasoline too!