Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays to All...

Today was my last day of work (well, my last day of having to go into work...we'll see how I handle my Blackberry addiction during the upcoming week) until next Monday. All day long, I kept thinking how ready I was to get home and start baking -- now my chocolate pecan pie (my eldest's favorite desert) is in the oven, I'm sipping on a glass of red wine, and am planning to go to a yoga class tomorrow morning for the first time in Heaven knows how long.

In short, life is good.

I'm definitely glowing from all the Hallmark-y, squooshy, family goodness that one sometimes feels during the holidays. Here's the trick of it, however - it's really easy for me to feel that way when I'm in a quiet house (aahhh...quiet) and my rambunctious kids are 2 hours away in Waco. They are just so loud! So here's my holiday goal: patience. Preferably, permanent and persistant patience. (Yes, the alliteration is intentional.)

I hope that all of your little Christmas dreams come true and that you are filled with love for your fellow men (and women). I'm sad to say that many of you won't have the joy of enjoying my homemade pies, fudge and herbed cornbread stuffing, but until I can figure out how to share my once-a-year cooking skills via Blogger, I suppose you're out of luck. Bummer. I'm sure your moms, brothers or other family chefs are almost as good as me so you won't be completely out of luck. (hee, hee...)

As for me, I'm kind of hoping for a copy of Mama Mia for Christmas. I already got a great popcorn set from Williams-Sonoma from my husband (yum, yum, yum, yum, yum) and I picked out my own gifts for him to hand off to the kids to give to me. So I figure I'm all set.

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