Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jenn the Jeweler

One of my friends signed us up for an earring-making class last night and it was great. The only really crummy downside was that by the time I got home for the day (at 9:15 p.m.) my kids were already asleep. But I made two different pair of earrings and was quite proud of my loop-making abilities. (Fun Fact: the only thing you really need to know about making basic earrings is how to make a loop out of metal sticks.)

The picture at the right is my celtic-inspired pair. I also made a gold cloisonne pair which should match my new blue silk dress beautifully. (I get to wear that again on Tuesday evening - we're going out to dinner for Mom's birthday dinner!)

So here's something I remembered as I was driving home from my jewelry-making class last night: as a teenager I read this book about a girl who came to America from Ireland and she learned how to make jewelry while she was over here. I always thought that sounded completely cool - to be able to express yourself artistically with metal and stones. Of course, that is not really a future career path for me because my ADHD and impatience would NOT be a good match for the fine detailed work required for legitimite artistic jewelry work.

But I'm more than happy to shell out $11 every now and then to create a few earrings. And I'll even call myself a "jeweler" when I do it - at least on my blog!

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