Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Puppy Love

This is Lily.
We're fostering a little puppy again and I'm completely in love with her. Whenever one of these tiny creatures comes into my home, I understand the term "puppy love" in a whole new way. What I really love about Lily is that she's very bright, she loves to nestle in your arms, and she seems to be thriving in our family. Watson, our "real" dog, is patiently tolerating her existence although no one would think that he was a huge fan.
I'm trying to be a grown up with my "this-is-such-a-sweet-puppy-we-must-keep-her" emotions. I do need to see it from my husband's point of view (who is the obvious grown up in our house) and remember that taking another dog into our home would truly add complications. Of course, we're not sure how Watson would take to her if she were allowed free rein and she might end up getting pretty big. wouldn't really be a logical choice to adopt this little girl.
I am, unfortunately, a puppy love poster child. I get exceedingly excited about new ideas and new projects. Hand me a new relationship and I'm over the moon.
Yeah. It's sort of an issue for the mature people who have to live with me. One never knows what the next Jenn-obsession will entail. Honestly, though...look at that sweet face. Wouldn't you be obsessed also?


Megan Willome said...

David won't want to hear this, but now that I've had two dogs for the last three years, I'll never go back to just one. Clover had surgery, and when we were waiting to hear if it was something serious (it wasn't), I was already making plans to see what new puppies Yvonne had out at the shelter.

JennInAustin said...

That's what I've always heard too! Two is better than one. Sort of a life lesson.