Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Forget What "Perfect" Is....

Last night we had a few hours with my parents and it really was the perfect night. We decided to go to the Domain so we could eat dinner, then watch fireworks. At first we were on the waiting list for California Pizza Kitchen, but there was a little fine chocolate/wine/coffee place around the corner and I was hoping they might have some "real" food. They did, so we were able to go right in, grab some tables in the corner, buy a bottle of wine and some paninis and just enjoy each other.

Afterwards, we rushed the kids through Borders (if they had their way, they'd LIVE in the bookstore...just like I would) and watched the fireworks. It was definitely one of those nights I wish I could hold onto forever.

I suppose I'm acutely aware of the fact that things do change and people do leave us. My parents were in town because they attended a funeral in San Antonio earlier in the day. Perhaps it's a combination of that, of the fact that two of my dear friends have mothers who are struggling with the final stages of breast cancer, and the fact that my children are no longer babies...but when I think about my parents I am stunned.

Being a parent is the scariest thing on Earth and I believe we make our biggest mistakes as parents (I know I have) but hopefully we find the greatest joy in that role and, ultimately, the joy overcomes everything else. I don't know how my own parents have done it for forty decades, but if they can do it - it gives me hope that I will ultimately find my way.

Someday I hope I'm watching fireworks with my own grandchildren and remembering how far we've all come as a family.

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