Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Attack of the Army Guys

So...I'm washing my hair in the bath tonight (Yes, I wash my hair in the bath - leave me alone. I like baths.) and when I come up from my second rinse, I see this....

Yikes!!!!! It really did kind of surprise me. Especially since he's pointing his WWI-era gun right at me while wearing his pointy Kaiser hat. I decide I'd better take stock of my surroundings and see if there are other threats to my safety.

Whew. Looks like this guy is no threat. Kaiser-dude must have already taken him out so it's only his legs sticking out from behind the organic baby shampoo.

It cracked me up - if I wasn't clear about the consequences of having a 6-year-old son before, I sure am now. So I had to take these pictures with my Bberry. As my husband saw me doing that, he asked if our son had told me why the army guys were there.

Um, no. (They were placed there intentionally????)

Yup. Apparently they were in my bath to scare me. I cracked up and had fun telling my little Rambo that his army guys seriously surprised me. He loved it. So I guess there's no telling what I'll find in my bath tomorrow night. I can be a good sport about most things, as long as they are not ALIVE.