Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon Night

Last night, I took my daughter to the opening of New Moon. It was SO MUCH better than Twilight (not all that hard to do, to be honest) - the acting was quite improved, as were the effects. What was really fun were the glimpses into her life. For example, as we left I asked her if she was Team Jacob or Team Edward and before the words had completely left my mouth she said: "Team Edward. Elizabeth and I have already discussed this at length and decided." (Yes, she really did say "at length.")

Parts of the movie that I found scary, she didn't think were very scary. And we saw a trailer for a really sweet romantic movie that we both decided we needed to see.

When did this happen? I now have a young lady living with me instead of a kid. Don't get me wrong, she'll go see the new Disney movie with me at Christmas I'm sure (if for no other reason than to keep me company because I'm so excited about a new princess movie) - but there's no way it will supplant the Twilight movies in her mind.

I'm actually very excited to be at this stage of life - I know I'm lucky that she still lets me into her world a little bit and I hope I don't do anything to mess that up.

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