Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cooking Report #2....sort of....

I completely forgot to take a picture of the fancy shmancy mac and cheese that I made tonight when it came out of the oven (which recipe I received in exchange for re-starting this blog, I must point out....). So, after I was already in my PJs, I had my son take a picture of the 1/2 way empty bowl so I'd have something to post. It looked rather blurry and you won't be seeing that picture.

Instead, I feel like blogging about bullies. You see, my girls (meaning my daughter and my niece) watched the Chrissa movie this afternoon and it was all about one of those "mean girls" who pushes others around. Yikes. I tell you what, I was a walking bullseye my entire life for those girls (and then boys later, but that's a topic for an entirely different posting). My girls have each faced it themselves this year and I was shocked at how upset I got while watching this film. It was as if all those years of being the un-cool kid came rushing back at me...and, to be honest, I started making associations with stuff going on in my current situation - getting bummed about feeling a little stuck where I am, thinking no one likes me - you know, the typical stuff for me. So I guess none of us ever completely grow up - we try to say that we're past all that kid stuff but maybe we never really are.

Luckily, I'm with my family and they gave me the obligatory raves about my mac and cheese. We even got to have an adult meal because all four kids are finally old enough to entertain each other. They entertain each other very LOUDLY but as long as we can let that go, then we get our own meal. That perked me up a bit. And tomorrow I'll be buried in stuffing and pies - so that'll be therapeutic for sure.

My mom loves to spoil her grandkids. Ok, she loves to spoil me too - she insisted on paying for my haircut today and if I hadn't cut in line and handed over my credit card really fast, she would have paid for my lunch also. My daughter and niece will each be getting the Chrissa doll tomorrow for absolutely no reason except that my mom wanted to give them the dolls. As a matter of fact, she recently made a freakingly enormous purchase from American Girl. Here are some of the boxes just sitting around her house. I don't even know what's in all of them.

And now I need to go outside because my husband recently bought a motorized mount for his telescope, which makes it easier to focus in stars and stuff. He's now hovering over me, waiting for me to join him outside - I'm going to freeze to death but at least I'll die while looking at Jupiter's moons. So I'm sure it will all be worth it. Right?

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