Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cooking Report #3...the big one

Jenn's Thanksgiving Dishes

I am the first to admit that these pictures aren't anything real special to look at, so I'll describe today's Thanksgiving cooking, in hopes that it might elicit some ooo's and aah's from the blogosphere. 

My brother fried a turkey, but because he is a very creative cook, he ended up using curry seasoning. Luckily, my mom had requested that I try a new cranberry chutney recipe she'd found - those two tastes together were just amazing. 

I also made my traditional herbed cornbread stuffing, which is pretty darn labor intensive but well worth it (according to my family). I start a few weeks ahead of time by boiling organic vegetable broth with fresh herbs wrapped in cheesecloth. That's frozen until Thanksgiving day. A few days before Thanksgiving, I bake the cornbread and mix it up with fresh herbs. You'd be surprised how long it takes to shred enough rosemary, thyme and sage for a huge dish of stuffing.

In addition to the new cranberry chutney, I made my traditional brandied cranberries and of course green bean casserole (my husband's comfort food). Each year, I try something different with sweet potatoes but the recipe NEVER involves marshmallows (shudder...). This year, they were roasted pretty simply in the oven with olive oil, cinnamon, etc. They were ok but not my favorite of all time.

Let's see...what mom found a great recipe for asparagus with dijon vinagrette so I made that and then pulled together some tarragon butter to go with my brother's awesome homemade bread. Other than the pies, I think that covers our meal. The pies were pumpkin (my son's favorite) and chocolate/pecan/whiskey (my daughter's favorite).

So many things in life aren't tangible and I think it's really good for my ego when I've done something like this for my family and it makes them happy. Again, as I've said before, it's a HECK of a lot cheaper than therapy. Even when you buy the $25 bottle of wine to go along with the meal.

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