Monday, January 31, 2011

Shoes...why hast thou forsaken me?

When it gets right down to it, I have defective feet. To add insult to injury, I've also got really bad luck. 

Plus I'm cheap.

When you add all those factors together, I often end up wishing I could afford a live-in foot masseuse. 

I have one pair of dress shoes (purchased right before Christmas) which created blisters so severe that I had open sores on my feet for a week and a half. (This happened BOTH times I wore them. Yes, I believe in giving shoes a second chance even if it's clear that it's an abusive relationship from the get go.)

Although the dress shoes were a bit of a bummer, I can live with the loss. But when it comes to my new hot pink Converses (is it legitimate to make the word "Converse" plural?) - I'm devastated.

Here's the problem. They don't come in half sizes - at least not at Academy. I was about to get the size 8, when David looked at them in my hand and said: "Is that really your shoe size??" Well, no - the truth is that my shoe size doesn't exist. (That's why almost nothing fits.) I'm actually between size 7 and size 7.5 and between a narrow and medium width. Typically I get a 7.5 M because I hate tight shoes (who doesn't, right?). I have to admit that the size 8 sneakers did look a bit odd although they were cooooommmmfy. 

Long story short...I went for the size 7's. The second I took them off this evening I felt my feet breathe a sigh of relief and realized that - YET AGAIN - I've purchased a pair of shoes that doesn't fit correctly. 

And of course, I discover this after walking in them for 2 miles outside. Because it would have made WAY too much sense for me to realize this in the store. Before I paid for them. 

Here's the bright side - they were on clearance for $14.88. Have I mentioned that I usually make my worse shoe decisions when I'm buying them on sale? 

I'm keeping these in my wardrobe rotation - they're too great for me to hide them away. If I'm especially fussy one day, just look at my feet. If you see me wearing these shoes, you'll know why.

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