Sunday, January 16, 2011

Popular Music and Firearm History

My daughter started listening to the popular music radio station recently. Here's the funny thing, although it seems to annoy my husband (or maybe he just enjoys giving her a hard time about it) - I really like it. I've even started listening to it when she's not in the car. She showed me the video to Katy Perry's song Firework and I simply adore that video. I cry every time I watch it. (Which makes my daughter roll her eyes, but I still think she appreciates the fact that I'm not a complete dork when it comes to popular music.)

My son's enlightened me as well. I was reading Fall of Giants (wonderful, wonderful, fabulous book by the way) when I came across a reference to the fact that during WWI the soldiers used wet cloth to keep the barrels of the big guns (I know "big guns" isn't the technical name, but bear with me here) cool so that the barrels wouldn't warp and screw up the trajectory of the bullets. I called my son in to ask him if he'd heard about it. He took a deep breath and gave me a quite interesting history lesson for about 20 minutes about that topic and other gun-related topics. He spends all his spare time reading books about the military and watching shows like Lock-n-Load. Needless to say, he's got an impressive amount of information stored away in his brain.

The cool thing is that my kids are now old enough that I really can learn stuff from them. I mean, I'm learning cold hard facts on a daily basis. And I love it.

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