Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gulf Spill Redux

I'm still not over the BP abomination. I suppose that's appropriate, since the abomination isn't finished fouling my gulf, and I'm finding it more and more difficult to maintain my normal level of denial about the stupid oil.

When the world gets too stressful or ignorant, I have a tendency to pretend it doesn't exist. For example...I'm just barely maintaining my denial about the North Korea situation...it's hanging by a thread.

Maybe this cynicism is why The Daily Show appeals to me. It's an excellent buffer between me and the rest of the world. Perhaps its not something to boast about, but survival mechanisms rarely are.

Somehow Jon Stewart dishes the issues out at just the level I can handle. I hate 24-hour news channels, but for some reason I obsessively read the CNN website. So it's not as if I don't follow the news. Here's one theory: I don't want to listen to people unless they amuse me or I agree with them (this can create serious issues for me in life, by the way, especially at work...) but I don't mind reading what anybody has to say.

Except for the BP executives. And Kim Jong Il. I don't even want to READ what those guys have to say.

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