Friday, May 28, 2010

Two Decades

Two decades.

Tonight marks 20 years since my first date with my husband. Not too shabby, is it? I think this is worth a posting in and of itself....

On May 28, 1990, I had just returned home from my freshman year at Austin College. During that year, I was dating a guy - a few years ahead of me - who had some pretty screwed up ideas about relationships and how to treat women. So...I was done with relationships in my mind. At least for a while.

But a friend of mine (whom I used to date occasionally but was really just a good friend) told me to come to his house and he'd have some of his friends over. He figured I'd meet a couple of his friends who might be fun dates and he'd get me back in the game - so to speak.

Well - within 15 minutes of arriving at my friend's house I saw my future husband and although it sounds cheesy...I really did see him across a crowded room and our eyes locked. I'm not sure - but I MIGHT have even heard Some Enchanted Evening in the back of my mind as I looked at him.

The rest is history.

I'd decided to break from my traditional Southern upbringing and call a boy on the phone for the first time ever...and I kept bugging my friend to give me this guy's phone number. He finally called me and told me that he didn't NEED to give me his number because the boy had asked for my number. Sure enough - he called me and invited me out. (Whew. My southern propriety was preserved.) I was terribly awkward during our first date, as evidenced by the fact that I stuck a straw up my nose while trying (quite unsuccessfully) to flirt - but even that didn't ruin it.

A few years later I walked down the aisle. In a REALLY HEAVY wedding dress.

But the real anniversary, in my mind, is May 28, 1990, when I went to Executive Surf Club in Corpus Christi with the future father of my children and the man who diligently and faithfully worked at a minimum wage job to put me through law school.

Twenty years is a long time. It hasn't all been a bed of roses. But it's been one heck of a ride and I couldn't be more grateful that he's put up with me for this long. I love you, David.

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