Sunday, May 9, 2010

Campout Art

After leaving for work on Friday morning, I didn't make it back home until lunchtime on Mother's Day because it was Girl Scout campout weekend with our troop. Luckily, it wasn't the "roughing it" kind of campout. We had bunks and a fridge, not to mention showers and lavatories. (Whew....)

I spent a significant amount of time last night fighting with our fire (or lack thereof) and, therefore, ended up smelling quite smoky and having some free time available for artistic pursuits.

My daughter was playing with the charcoal first and made the big black mark on the rock. I started playing around with it after she left and ended up making the lady's face, the tree, the funky "thought waves" (or whatever those are coming off of her) and the few birds up in the lefthand corner of the rock. I was much more impressed with my art than others were, but sometimes we just have to happy with the fact that we impressed ourselves. Don't we? (By the way - may I just point out that I tried to use shades of grey to add depth to the drawing on the left side? If you look closely, you might notice that side of the stone is darker because I took charcoal powder and tried to make clouds, or sky or shadows or something like that.)

The mother/daughter campout was a splendid way to spend Mother's Day weekend and I appreciated my Sunday bubble bath even more than normal once I made it into the warm water today.

Of course, then I opened up my Mother's Day present from my son. He'd spent days working on a book for me and it's lovely. But the first two pages talk about how I don't like it when his room is messy (that one has a picture of him telling me "sorry") and that I don't like it when he and his sister are silly.


Obviously, I have a long way to go in the mother department. But I'm closer than I used to be!

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