Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stress Skills

I have really great stress skills. It's my particular gift to the world. Here's a picture of me and my son from this morning as we wait for the rest of our cub scout den to show up at the Austin Nature and Science Center for a field trip I'd planned.

Within a few hours this morning, I allowed myself to become super stressed because:
- no one was showing up
- then when I found out they were all waiting somewhere else, I was stressed that I'd confused people (or myself) and we had to start late (not that it seemed to matter to anyone else)
- once I got back home, I couldn't get the pictures to download the way I wanted but I got annoyed with my husband when he tried to help me (I know, that makes tons of sense, doesn't it?)
- right this very moment...I'm stressed about the fact that I'm modeling bad behavior for my kids because I'm too stressed all the time.

Nice, right? My theory is that I'm getting worse in the stress department because I haven't been able to exercise for weeks. You can't see it in the picture above, but I'm in a hideous cast from a stress fracture on my left foot.

Did I mention that my cast stresses me out too?

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