Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cub Scouts

This evening, I (rather fruitlessly) attempted to teach a relatively small group of young men the Cub Scout sign and motto. I suppose I won't really know how fruitless it is until the next meeting and I can see how much they remember. (But I have my suspicions about how closely they were listening....or not....)

I was a Girl Scout leader for a while. It was an adventure - and a LOT of work. With Girl Scouts, a leader has to plan out every detail. I was so thrilled to learn that with Cub Scouts, there are actual lesson plans that can be downloaded off the internet. Thank Heaven.

It is quite apparent, however, that the decrease in work from prepared lesson plans is MORE than made up for with the INCREASE in work from the fact that you have to teach...you know....BOYS. Seriously. It's stunning. And, of course, my son is the wildest of the bunch. By about 150%. So I suppose it's only fair that I'm the Assistant Den Leader. (My husband is the primary Den Leader - which is also fair....)

Oh, yes. Have I failed to mention the fact that: in addition to searching for my place in the professional non-profit world, accepting a position as treasurer of a non-profit here in Austin, holding down an intense full-time job with a 30-45 minute commute each way, volunteering in my church nursery, shuttling my daughter to choir events at least twice a week, and trying to date my husband every now and then - I've also agreed to help run a Tiger Cub Scout Den? No? Really? I didn't mention that?


I think I'm in denial.

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