Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 2 - Mamma & Daughter DC Trip

Subtitle for Day 2 - And Yet, They Persisted...

Here's a lovely statue (sorry for the poor photo) of Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Three women who fought diligently for our freedoms.

And here we are, 21st century American women at our nation's capitol. Getting ready for the first tour of the morning. It was GREAT. We learned so much.

Our tour guide, Hal, knew so much. Here he is explaining that we are in the crypt, which (I learned) actually means a room that supports another room above it.

We saw a statue of Abraham Lincoln, commissioned by Congress right after his death. The artist was an 18 year old woman. How awesome is that? Especially since I was enjoying this tour with my own 18-year-old daughter. Feminism. For. The. WIN. 

There's a tunnel that goes from the Capitol to the Library of Congress, which is gorgeous. (The library, not the tunnel, although there's nothing wrong with the tunnel.) The gift shop in the LoC is my favorite. I resisted buying the bag with this punk version of my favorite poet on it but only JUST.
Speaking of feminism...
After the tour of the Capitol, we headed over to the Botanical Garden, which is one of the most peaceful memories I have of my honeymoon. Kathryn loved it also. Woot!

Then it was time to head to the Holocaust Museum. We walked part-way then Ubered the last little bit. As you might expect, the Holocaust Museum was emotionally draining and I shed some tears but it was so well done and I hope everyone makes a point of seeing it at some point. Even the architecture is profound, it very much feels like some of the photos and videos you've seen of the railway stations and concentration camps associated with the Nazis and their evil regime.

This photo is from the Children's Tile Wall and I loved this quote: "I think the Sun should come out for Everyone."
After resting at the hotel for a bit, we went on a cruise which we'd expected would include sights of the monuments and such but...not so much. Sigh. Oh, well. You can tell we aren't terribly thrilled.

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