Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Google + Jenn's Insomnia = W.T.F???

Have you tried the late night Google game of typing in your name to find out what Google has to say about you? It's actually an excellent activity* while you're in the midst of insomnia, but if you're easily insulted....you might want to try YouTube instead. 

Wait...then you have the YouTube comments. 

Never mind.

Back to Google's late-night-Jennifer theories:
- Why is Omaha #1 on my likes? I've never even been there. (Although I'm sure it's perfectly fine.)
- Pooping at parties...I just....maybe it will pull up one of those funny Poopourri ads? Let's assume that's the case.
- I keep seeing "photography" as "pornography" every time I re-read this screen shot. Don't ask me why because I'm sure as heck not exploring that one.
- Now this is odd. I had no idea what a "bellarmine" was. Turns out it's a university in Louisville, Kentucky. (That's where I was born so I'm thinking it's some significant sign. Of what....? I have no idea, but I don't want the poop or photography-pornography to be a sign so I'm going with Bellarmine as my sign.)

*Muchas gracias to my favorite author, Jenny Lawson, for reminding me about this game as I was trolling her blog during tonight's insomnia.

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