Monday, November 7, 2011

13,193 Words

This sounds impressive but it is, in fact, just barely ahead of where I should be anyway with my novel. (On day 7 of NaNoWriMo, you should have at least 11,669 words.) I fear my writing is not as polished as I would prefer and I need to think of a few fascinating things to describe in great detail. I've had the explosion, and presumably killed off at least 40 people (although this has neither been confirmed nor denied) but it didn't take nearly as many words as you might at first presume.

Truthfully, I might have to create a love triangle. It wasn't what I wanted for my characters, but damn if that won't get some dialog and thought bubbles happening all over the place. I can pretty much guarantee that I could stretch "You kissed her?????" into at least 1000 words.

At 36,807 more words to go...I guess I need to build towards and include some smoochy face in this novel somewhere. My Tom Clancy skills are too sorely lacking to depend on action/adventure to pull me into the 50,000 word territory.

And I've got to find a way to pull the rich spoiled brat back into the story. She just doesn't fit yet - or else she's refusing to participate.

My characters are unruly children. Doing their own thing (in far fewer than 50,000 words) and snubbing their noses at me. 


estefena said...

WOW! Keep at it! Make notes, but let the words flow. Fixes can be done AFTER your done. You can edit and re-edit till your heart's content. Just don't stop writing!

JennInAustin said...

Thanks! I think I'm feeling a little out of the "flow" but I have faith I'll get back into it - pounded out some more at the doctor's office today while son got allergy shots. Now I'm at 13,690!

Megan Willome said...

Estefana is right. Think of this in the Anne Lamott style of a Shitty First Draft. Just get it down and fix it later.